Thursday, 9 February 2012

My Favourite Subject

1. Bahasa Malaysia

Generally, as the people of Malaysia, I should proud of my national language,
I learn everything about Malaysia including History subject.
It makes me more eager to discover a lot more about Malaysia.

2. History

Talking about history, I love this subject.
Many people doesn't really love this subject.
Do you want to know why ?
Because they don't set in mind to love it.
To love history is to learn History subject.

3. English Language

I consider this as my secondary communication,
I'm still learning about English.
One of the way to learn English is to write it,
So, I decided to jot down everything in this blog,

4. Biology

Science is about logical,
I love to explore the world through science,
I love Biology. Especially the study of cells.

That is all,

Irfan Shaharuddin